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Harmonica tabs converter

Originally posted on my old (deleted) profile from in 2020-06-09. I don’t have anything against the site, but I wasn’t using it anymore.

Hello devs. I made a npm module to convert harmonica tabs. Me and my brother are musicians. And the other day he complained to me that he always found tabs for the diatonic harmonica but never for the chromatic (the one with the slider). So I made this converter.

It converts a harmonica tab from chromatic to diatonic (given the diatonic scale/key) and vice-versa. You can install it: npm install harmonica-tab-converter. And the repo is on gitlab. I also plan to publish a web version where you can paste the tabs and get the converted version. Any MRs are welcome.

PS.: I think that Merge Request makes so much more sense than Pull Request.