Escritor de software, rubro negro e músico. Cara esquisito de exatas que lê poesia. Grande apreciador de batidas de limão.

About me

white dude at the beach smiling with a pikachu at his side

Hi, my name is Matheus Graciano (or you can call me Jimi) and I’m a software writer since 10 years ago. I like describing it that way because lot’s of people are mistifyied by the job with scary terms like engineering, computer science. It kind of sounds like magic. When actually it’s just text. A dialogue with the computer.

Currently I live and work in Rio de Janeiro. Studied in federal universities like UFF (Computational Mathematics) and UFRJ (Computer Science), but life happened and I didn’t graduate.

This thing you’re seeing if my friends fault that convinced me to start a blog.